Alex is currently thriving in Tampa, FL, though she is a Texas girl at heart through and through. She recently graduated with her Master of Arts from Southeastern University and is a new program leader for a school fundraising company in the Bay area. When she’s not cracking cheesy dad jokes, you can typically find her talking passionately about theology or about the latest book she’s reading over a warm cup of coffee. She will do anything to make someone her friend, even if it means telling them her most embarrassing story within minutes of meeting them. She loves big, and tries to call her momma at least a couple times a week. Just don’t ever get on her bad side by telling her you like Auburn (Roll Tide!).

CHURCH: Access Church
INSTAGRAM: @alexmichonn

Zuleika Spears


Zuleika, affectionately known as Zu or Zuzu, was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, but migrated to the great state of Texas! She wasn’t raised in a home that knew the Lord, but nonetheless received the invitation to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at nineteen. And her life has never been the same.

She married her best friend and currently resides in Italy with her husband, Christian. She is passionate about sharing Jesus, eating good food, and enjoys good company. If she’s not traveling in a different country for a weekend, she’s home reading, watching movies over wine, or practicing her aesthetic photography.

Zuleika is an alumni of Texas Women’s University with a degree in English and a minor in secondary education. She’s currently in pursuit of passing her Texas teaching certification exam in hopes of serving the youth as an educator. She desires to be a mommy in the near future and serve women and their families in her military community.

CHURCH: Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
INSTAGRAM: @zuleikajamilla
WEBSITE: Affectionatelyzu.com



Kati is from a small(ish) town in Texas called Weatherford. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing poetry, and exploring nature. She is a newlywed and is adjusting to navigating life with her husband. She works as a refugee resettlement caseworker for an organization in Fort Worth that helps resettle refugees in the DFW area. She is passionate about social justice and cultivating reconciliation between cultures.

CHURCH: Mercy Street Church
INSTAGRAM: @kati_rae
LOCATION: Fort Worth, TX



Karina is a Mexico native striving to see a new generation rise up to do better, be better and love better. Currently Karina is finishing up a discipleship school in Charlotte; a place where coffee shops and big mountains make life a little more interesting.  She is passionate about seeing more lives being lifted through communion with the one who gives of Himself because His desire for us is bigger than anything in this world. Her greatest desire is to one day love the way He loves.

Karina loves coffee (lots of coffee), good books, long runs, soccer on the weekends, writing, PEACH everything peach and afternoon chats with new people (and if it involves food the conversation will be better). She is excited and grateful to be a part of WAU!

CHURCH: Mount Calvary Church
INSTAGRAM: @kariirmz12
LOCATION: Charlotte, NC



Erika is a beauty stylist from Dallas, Texas. Her passion is to empower and inspire others through the art of makeup and hair. She enjoys helping people feel beautiful in their own skin and uplifting others as they achieve their aspirations. She would love to hear your story and extend a helping hand. 

CHURCH: Shoreline Dallas
INSTAGRAM: @_erikaantonio



Barbara was born and raised in Northern New Jersey in a God-fearing home with her parents, younger sister and brother. Her first language was Italian and she grew up cherishing her culture and her crowded but always room for more at the table family. And, most of all, she loves that her family is united by her grandfather's love for Jesus, who was the first one in her family to know the Gospel. 

Barbara graduated from Montclair State University with a teaching degree but, along the way, discovered her love for photography and writing. Barbara currently works a full-time job and is pursuing her photography business and writing her heart on her blog. 

She dreams of sharing and impacting God's love on her generation through her words, photos, and passion for Jesus, and believes community and relationship are the heart of the Gospel. She love, love, loves books, traveling to beautiful places, chocolate, and, of course, dancing like nobody's watching!  

CHURCH: Fairview Gospel Church
INSTAGRAM: @barbara_marcella
LOCATION: Northern New Jersey



Jo is a wife and a mother who was raised by the shores of Rockaway Beach in New York City. She grew up in a single parent Christian household and faced many trials that helped to shape her into who she is today. 

Jo is a coffee addict who loves speaking about faith & motherhood on her YouTube channel Coffee with Jo. She is also the founder of a faith-based magazine, Beautiful Encounters, that was birthed from her passion for storytelling and helping people live in their truth without shame or fear of who they are. She is a believer that we all have God-given gifts and talents and her hope is to teach people how to tap into their creative potential and live as boldly possible. 

CHURCH: Christ Tabernacle
INSTAGRAM: @Jbeautifulencounters
YOUTUBE: Coffee with Jo
LOCATION: Rockaway Queens, NY



Maryland is from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. She's a designer that focuses on graphic design, UX/UI design, photography, and videography. She loves coffee, people, art, traveling, fashion, aesthetics, outdoors, and the beach. She wants to empower others through creativity and inspire them to be creative, in their own way. She wants every woman to know they are not alone and this journey of life is meant to be lived together. 

CHURCH: Church of the Redeemer
INSTAGRAM: @mdlatulola
LOCATION: Washington, DC



Jamie is a native of Dallas, Texas. She and her husband Rick now reside in Red Oak, Texas where they are raising their two beautiful children, Zion (10) and Moriah (2). Jamie is a stay-at-home mom, an actress, a Bible teacher, and a Domestic Violence Advocate.

It was while attending The University of Missouri – Columbia that Jamie fell in love with the arts and decided that she wanted to bring the light of the Lord to television and film. Her passion is to share Christ’s love among young ladies that feel they have nothing left in life to give. Her deepest desire is to grow into the woman of God she knows that God has called her to be.

CHURCH: Concord Church
INSTAGRAM: @thejamiejordan



Bella is from a small town in south Texas (if you blink, you’ll miss it!) but currently lives in Dallas. She's pursuing her degree in Business Management from Dallas Baptist University while being a full-time nanny to three boys.

Her passions include: music, animals, business, women’s hearts, the outdoors, her crazy big family, Jesus and savory food. She is so honored to be chosen as an ambassador for We Are Unveiled!

CHURCH: The Village Church
INSTAGRAM: @bellascurly



Bailey lives in New York City but will always claim Texas as home. She is a CPA by day, writer by night (or weekend or subway ride), but lives for quiet mornings alone and slow Sundays with her husband. Bailey finds peace in good books and vegan cookies and finds purpose in connecting with others over the hardships of humanity and the beauty of grace. 

CHURCH: Church of the City, NYC
INSTAGRAM: @stuffandguff
LOCATION: Manhattan/ NYC



Latasha is a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. She was adopted at the age of 8, with her younger sister. Latasha went on to attend Winston-Salem State University in Winston-Salem, NC. During her senior year, Latasha rededicated her life to Christ, after surviving an abusive relationship and coming face to face with the emotional damage that years of rejection and abuse caused her while in the Foster Care System.

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in 2014, Latasha returned to North Carolina after feeling God calling her to pursue a life of service to others, specifically, Foster Youth in Durham, North Carolina. Latasha currently serves as a Transition Specialist/ Mentor at LIFESkills Independent Living Facility for Foster Youth & Homeless Young Adults ages 16-24. She attends New Hope Church in Durham, NC, where she participates in the women’s ministry and life groups. Latasha believes that sharing her story is the key to helping others continue writing theirs, all while pointing them to Christ.

CHURCH: New Hope Church
INSTAGRAM: @latashaafuller
LOCATION: Durham, North Carolina
WEBSITE: medium.com/@Tashaa