Think of our Volume's like a coffee table magazine and journal wrapped into one. This interactive Volume allows readers to dive deep into our featured story, which ties into our video testimonials. Our Featured Story Teller shares her full story beyond the 5 min video testimony. She dives into the hard part of her story, identifying the lies which held her captive, discusses her turning point and what made her change, and finally she shares God's promise to her all along her journey. 

As you the reader follow along, you too have the room to share each phase of your own journey within the pages of each Volume. At the end of each phase, you are prompted with questions to help guide you on how to fully share and identify the victory within your own life. Our hope is that you would work through each phase of this Volume and proudly leave yours on your coffee table or displayed within your home. That way when a friend comes over and picks it up, they not only can interact with our featured story, but they have the opportunity to connect to you on a deeper level. By sharing your story, you open the door for someone else to share. You are personal, relatable, and you have a lasting impact on their lives of the people who pick this Volume up in your home. And who knows? You might be the person they confide in and find healing in their own journey. 

WHo/what are they for?

  1. For You!
    • If your story connects to our Featured story teller, this is for you! We want those of you who can relate to dive deeper into why your story matters and how to tell it well. 
    • Even if your story doesn't directly connect to our Featured story teller, these Volumes are designed to help you think about your personal testimony and learn how to tell it well. 
  2. For your family members/friends
    • If you have a loved one who you believe would benefit from this, purchase it for them! 
  3. For your Small Group or Bible Study
    • If the women in your group are looking for fresh content that allows you to dive deeper, this Volume is an easy guide to work through together and process your own story as well. 
  4. For your Your Ministry
    • Whether you're a part of a youth group, young adults group, or rehabilitation program, your ministry will benefit from these Volumes by providing them to the women in your group to help them learn how to process and find healing in their own journey.