Victoria (also known as Vic, V-chaps, Toria, Chapman) was born and raised in Texas by two Jesus-loving – ministry-oriented parents. One of eleven, she grew up with eight brothers and two sisters. On weekdays you will find her working a full-time job, and on the weekend you’ll find her reading a book at a coffee shop, taking photos, admiring beauty in the simple and spending time with her community (probably somewhere outdoors.)

She is an avid lover of Jesus, people & places. She is a sandal-wearing, mountain-climbing, beach-bumming, Jesus-adoring woman. She is part tomboy and part girly-girl. Ultimately in the past this is something that held her back from relating to women, but God recently opened her eyes to see that she provides uniqueness and authenticity to women's ministry.  She wants to use her story to let other women know that depression is a journey that should and can be worked through, not a mistake to be ashamed about.

Victoria hopes to someday work full time with orphan care, loving on the neglected and unloved. If she knows you, she LOVES you. If she doesn’t know you, she can’t wait to meet you and love you too.



CHURCH: Christ Fellowship Fort Worth

INSTAGRAM: @victoriaexplores

TWITTER: @tobechosen