Sparrow Conference is an annual conference hosted by Rachel Joy. The Lord specifically gave her a vision for women from different socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, and walks of life to join together and worship the Lord as a unified body under one roof. And thus, Sparrow Conference was birthed in Denton, Texas in the Fall of 2012. Since the 2012 conference, the Lord has expanded Sparrow Conference and its ministry to young women in Dallas, Texas to serve over 10 college campuses and 20-35 year olds from all over the United States.

MISSION: Sparrow Conference exists to unify & catalyze a movement of diverse, young-adult women to wholeheartedly pursue Jesus Christ & participate in the advancement of the Gospel. OUR MINISTRY PILLARS ARE TRUTH, FREEDOM, IDENTITY, AND PURPOSE.


Flora Stationery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which sells unique stationery products featuring original artwork from students in Kosovo to support a scholarship fund for young women pursuing a college education in Eastern Europe. The mission of Flora is to create a sustainable source of funding to support young women in need of assistance to attend a university in their home country. Through distributing a portion of the profits from every sale, a young woman is supported for an entire semester of college tuition.



Flora Stationery does not rescue women from poverty, rather we empower them with an education while enabling the consumer to be apart of this inspiring process of funding futures.  



Part&Parcel Magazine is a quarterly Biblical hospitality publication providing inspiration, missional stories, and practical advice to love your neighbor and your community, available in a digital format or hard copy. 


Part&Parcel was created to share stories of believers reaching out to those in their neighborhood and spreading the gospel. In our communities and homes, the opportunities for discipleship are everywhere - at a backyard BBQ, on our living room couch, or walking the dog. These ordinary moments become extraordinary when we allow the Holy Spirit to work through us, and share God's invitation - Jesus. 

Let us gather, let us feast, let us dwell together, for hospitality is Part&Parcel to our mission.