We are Unveiled’s primary focus is capturing stories and empowering women all over the world to remove the veil of shame and guilt to do the same as well. We realized early on that empowering women and giving them a platform was the first step; the second was providing a safe place for them to connect to other women where they could grow & be discipled.

We are Unveiled creates a safe place for women to connect, find belonging in community, and learn how to share their story. This plays out through our online community, Evening with We Are Unveiled events, video testimonies and most recently our We Are Unveiled Volume magazine. This interactive Volume allows readers to dive deep into our featured story and share their own journey within the pages of each Volume. By sharing your story, you open the door for someone else to share. Vulnerability breeds vulnerability. Our hope in all that we do is that we not only encourage people to share their stories, but also disciple them by giving them the tools to fully process and find healing along the ups and downs of their own journies.