Kylie was born into a Vietnamese family, a Vietnamese dad and a thoroughly Texan mom. She has the perks of being raised in both worlds… a world of chopsticks and steak knives and she has three younger brothers and is also a single mom… of a little girl named Avery.  Out of this whirl wind of diversity she joined the US Army when she was 19 and became a reservist and deployed to the Horn of Africa.  While in Africa she participated in humanitarian aid and relief efforts in Tanzania.  When she came home she struggled with her identity.  Who was she?  What was she? What was her purpose in life?  Why does she stand out instead of blend in?  Why is she this force of nature?  

She felt like she was drowning in a sea of the unknown.  Finally, she asked God, “What is the answer to my questions?” And He answered back, “Freedom is your battle cry and freedom you shall bring.  Life will be breathed back into those that have lost it and into those that have none.  Do not be afraid to pick up and hold by the hand the neglected, the unwanted, the discarded, the broken down, the beaten, the lame, the down trodden, and those that consider themselves damned, unworthy and hopeless…”

And as a result of that word she obeyed and enrolled in Southwestern Baptist Theological College and Seminary where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in humanities and she also currently attends Convergence School of Supernatural Ministry in Fort Worth, Texas.Her hobbies include: playing chess, krav maga, running, making ridiculous puns, and collecting memes!

EMAIL: Kylie@weareunveiled.com 

CHURCH: Gateway Church

INSTAGRAM: k.nguyening23