Born and raised in the quaint small-town suburbs of Philadelphia, Jen is from a small but lively family of 3, with a spunky momma and a goofy dad. At Carnegie Mellon University in her college years, she fell in love with film and developed a heart for edtech and college ministry. The mountains, painting, good books and films, string lights, and all things that scream COZY give her life!

Jesus pursued and captured her heart freshmen year of college. In this past year, she saw the insane power of raw, vulnerable testimony of someone else break away shame she carried for so long. She desires that so much for other girls and women everywhere. She believes that our scars are evidence of a perfect God who redeems, and our greatest struggle becomes our greatest testimony. Jesus has given her a heart for storytelling and spreading the unashamed victory of the way Jesus heals. 

Jen believes in a generation of women who are raw, imperfect, and unafraid to stand in total vulnerability and total strength rooted in the unconditional love of the Father. Radical love reigns!!

*If you're in Dallas/Fort Worth area, she wants to meet you, grab coffee and chat about life together!


EMAIL: jen@weareunveiled.com

CHURCH: Shoreline Dallas

INSTAGRAM: jennifer.han266