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Thank you for your interest in donating and becoming a partner with We Are Unveiled! We are so thankful for every single one of you and your investment into our organization. Every gift will be used to further this mission and God-given vision of We Are Unveiled. Below is a full list of where your money will go as well a list of needs we have that you may be able to tangibly meet! 

*We Are Unveiled is a non profit registered in the USA; any gift you give will be tax deductible. 



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    • Your giving supports our primary mission to capture authentic stories. It takes an entire team to create and capture individual stories. This team consist of two videographers, a photographer, stylist, and makeup artist. The entire team will travel and spend up to a week together with our featured story teller to initially capture content for the full story. During this time as an organization we rent video/photography/audio equipment. Depending on our subject we travel and have expenses for food and lodging. After our Video team then edits and puts together our cinematic films. This edit is extensive involving music writing and piecing together all of the footage from the capture in order to create the best film possible. 
    • Your gifts support the ongoing release of all teaching materials. As a ministry we are constantly innovating and creating new ways to reach this generation. We believe in using the technology and resources our generation already uses to connect on a deeper level. Your giving supports our teaching team within our Podcasts, events, and future resource development. 
    • Currently our entire team is volunteer. We are in the process of fundraising salaries for team members to have the freedom to work and serve in this ministry full time. Your giving goes to support our ability to fulfill this mission fully.