By capturing real, authentic, un-cut stories, we believe the Lord will remove the mask that so many women feel they have to hide behind because of shame, guilt, fear, or condemnation. Women from all over the world will begin to share freely and boldly about the darkest times in their lives and the moment when His light began to shine through, offering hope. We Are Unveiled believes that every single story matters, including the stories of those of you reading this right now and those yet to be written. If you are interested in sharing your story, please submit a form here and we will get back to you soon. You Matter! 

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Please answer these 4 questions so that we may better grasp your story. // 1. Basic Overview: Set the scene for us by introducing yourself and lead us up to that key moment of your story. // 2. Turning point: Tell us about that moment in your life that was the lowest point, or the situation that you found yourself in that made your life truly shift. // 3. Freedom: Tell us what happened after this key event, how did you recover, where did you find freedom. // 4. What's Next?: Now what do you want to do as a result of this experience and freedom in Christ? How can we help you accomplish that?
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