Our Founder Monica Zuniga had the opportunity to sit down with Paul Tellefsen, community manager at Socality to discuss We Are Unveiled. Read below to discover what We Are Unveiled is & the future of what's to come!



I recently caught up with Monica Zuniga the founder of We are Unveiled , a new women's ministry, to ask her about her story, the launch of We are Unveiled and her advice to women chasing their dream. Check out the video below.

Video by Matt Engelking

1. Monica, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well I've been living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for the past 8 years and the metroplex is definitely home to me. Ever since I can remember, I've always had this passion for people; which, looking back, has really shaped my life. I wasn't always sure what this desire to know everyone meant, but as I got older, I found that I became more and more curious about every person I met. Where were they from, what's their story, and most of all, what's their biggest dream? If I don't know you, I genuinely want to, and if I can, I would love to be a part of making your dreams come true. People are my passion.


2. Why We are Unveiled?

When we are around the people who know us best, we should always feel safe to be who we "really are".  Yet I never felt safe to expose the hard realities of my life and as a result, felt extremely alone and misunderstood. The moment I stopped feeling alone was the day I shared my story with over 500 people. I was terrified; but I felt The Lord really challenge me to share the darkest, rawest moments of my life because although it was my story, it is His glory that would shine. Though I thought I would feel shame, guilt, and be viewed differently by exposing my story, I received the opposite. Complete and utter freedom. Shortly after that night, God gave me the vision for We are Unveiled. He said 'Share my daughters stories, empower them to action, and you lead the army.' At first it felt impossible, and it's surreal that we are here today! But we are here because God told me to do this, and secondly because I want women to feel the same freedom I do today.

3. I know you're launching today, so what sets you apart from other women's ministries?

Although it may appear that We are Unveiled’s primary focus is capturing stories; we are empowering women all over the world to remove the veil of shame and guilt for a greater purpose. We realized that empowering women and giving them a platform to share their stories was the first step, the second was providing a safe place for them to connect to other women where they could grow & be discipled. So many young adult women are longing for a mentor and authentic community, yet sadly, so many of us don't know where to go to find this. We are Unveiled will bridge that gap. We hope to create a safe place for women to connect in 1 on 1 relationships and find a true belonging in community. We want women to fearlessly be who God made them to be, and in order to do that, we all have to understand the truth in His word. What better way to accomplish this than fulfilling the command Jesus gave us to make disciples?

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4. What do you want women to walk away with when they experience We are Unveiled?

My hope for today is that women who see our video, read this blog, or see our social media think to themselves, 'I'm not alone.' We weren't created to live life alone, and We are Unveiled desires to create a community and a genuine safe space for women to belong. Honestly, that's my hope in the future too. I want We are Unveiled to be a place where women always feel welcomed and safe to be who God made them to be. If we do that, I know we have done something right.

5. What can we expect in the future from We are Unveiled?

I've hit on a little bit of this, but we will be sharing stories monthly starting in August. Each month we will feature a different woman, sharing her story of victory in Jesus' name, which will touch on relevant issues in our society. In September, we will launch our first discipleship group and these women will be paired one on one with a mentor and will study the book of Matthew together. Lastly, we plan to have a couple of local community gatherings this year as well as a large conference that is being finalized for May of 2016. So, lots of exciting things happening! Further down the road, we plan to connect women who are a part of our community globally to We are Unveiled through a really exciting tool being developed and we also plan to publish a book full of stories from all over the world as well. In everything we do, we will focus on sharing stories, unveiling God's truth, and empowering women to action.

6. What advice would you give to women who don't think they have what it takes to dream big?

I'm glad you asked this question because I think for women, we tend to compare ourselves to other women a ton. There was a point in my life where I would read a blog like this and think, 'I will never be like her,' and give up! Now my advice would be this. 1. You can't out dream God. Whatever dream you feel is too big to accomplish, trust me, His dreams for you exceed it. And 2. Don't compare yourself; the world needs YOU. By not chasing this dream, you put God in a box and make Him small. There's room for everyone to thrive in His Kingdom. So sister, make it happen!

7. How can we connect with We are Unveiled?