At least once a week this happens to me: I feel fantastic, I had a great day, got a lot accomplished, my workout felt awesome and my hair cooperated. All is right with the world; my nutrition was on point and I had a great afternoon with my daughter, got 2 text messages from my clients saying what great results they were getting and how their life was changing for the better. My bank account, myself, and my family are all healthy.  

Then, the next day I wake up and get on the scale, take a deep breath and look down. My heart sinks because I have gained 2 pounds! And just like that, all the amazing accomplishments and victories of the previous 24 hours are forgotten. I am a failure, fat, and, like I’ve known all along, not good enough. Why do I even try?

When did 32 ounces get so much power? How do 2 pounds confirm all the bad and make me forget all the good? Why do I allow my weight DEFINE me? When did I forget what being healthy REALLY means?

True health to me is feeling great in your skin. It’s being confident in who you are and whose you are, living to love others and serve God. None of these things happen when you hit a certain weight, though I spent a large part of my life thinking they did. I thought that if I was lean enough, I would be good enough and loved enough. But losing the weight is never enough; I would reach my goal and would still feel bad inside so I would get skinnier and exercise harder. This pattern continued until I developed an eating disorder. It wasn’t until I started working on the inside that I truly started getting healthy.

I still have days when I forget and focus on what doesn’t matter, believing the lies in my head, doubting myself and my greatness. When this happens, I pause, pray, and remember who I am. I am made for so much more than what the scale tells me. I am made to be a mom, wife, and daughter of the King and all those things have nothing to do with the number on the scale.

So how do we get fit, not just on the outside, but on the inside too? How do we learn to ignore the scale and focus on God, our relationships, and being comfortable in our own skin?

This 5-part process is one I share with my clients and revisit often myself. It is a great way to jumpstart your journey to get healthy and fit on both the inside and the outside.

1. What’s your why? 

Yes, you want to look good in a bikini but why? I like to keep asking ‘why?’ at least 5 times to get to the real root of my motivation.  

For example, I want to lose 10 pounds to feel comfortable in a bikini. WHY?
So my husband notices me. WHY?
So he will think I am beautiful. WHY?
So he will spend more time with me. WHY?
So I know he loves me.

When you dare to ask ‘why?’ it becomes about so much more than a number on the scale!

2. Have a plan.

Do your research and find someone to help you. This could be a personal trainer, a nutritionist, or an online program. Professional support will give you guidance on meal prep, how to plan your days and help to figure out what approach works best for you. A good program will require that you plan workouts, meals, rest, and sleep.

3. Take action.

Have you heard the saying “a plan without action is just a dream”? Well it’s true! You can have the most incredible plan created by the best coach in the world, but if you do not TAKE ACTION it’s not worth the paper it’s written on. People hesitate to take action because they are afraid to fail, but the truth is you will fail and that is GOOD. Failure is the only way to learn and grow.

4. Find a community.

There is strength in numbers. Even having one friend to partner with you on this journey will be crucial to your success.  Don’t have any like-minded people in your life right now? There are many online communities that can support you and keep you motivated! The Brick House Bodies community is one of them!

There are also tons of Facebook groups dedicated to fitness and healthy living. If you currently belong to a gym, join a group exercise class and I guarantee you will meet someone just like you!

5. Be in it for the long haul.

This goes back to knowing your ‘why?’.  Looking good in a bikini will keep you motivated in the summer, but what will keep you going when there is subzero weather and 2 feet of snow on the ground? Being there for your family, being able to play with your children, finally being able to see yourself as God sees you, these are all reasons that will keep you going even as your motivation begins to wane.

I have included a PDF for you to use to reflect on these 5 points for yourself. I suggest you spend some time alone and ask God what he thinks about your health. Revisit this worksheet often and use it to keep you on track with your goals. 

Health is about so much more than just the state of your body, it’s about your heart and your mind too. If you work on those things, as well as your nutrition and exercise, you will feel fit on the inside as well as the outside, no matter what the scale may say!

You aren't on your health journey alone! Download this resource to work through these questions that will help you feel good inside and out! 

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Tabitha is an extraordinary wife, mother, entrepreneur, encourager, and beautiful daughter of God! She has learned much over the years about health, beauty, and identity and now has the privilege to share that with her clients on a daily basis! We are so glad that she is part of our We Are Unveiled community! Learn more about Tabitha and being healthy inside and out on her website

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