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Although Christmas is over, we wanted to leave you guys with one more gift to take you into the new year. Our very own Monica Zuniga is featured on our blog today to share with you not only her tips for setting goals in the new year, but how to identify your God given purpose in order to set the right goals for the new year. Check it out below and don't forget to sign up for your FREE guide to discover your purpose!

WAU: So tell us, what inspired this blog?

MONICA: Honestly lots of things. Mainly the fact that I have found there are always a lot of people out there talking about how they 'made it' (or even faking that they have made it), but there aren't many people in the thick of it with everyone else trying to figure it out. I'm just like most people out there. I spent the majority of my 20's just trying to figure out what to do with my life and what I was made for. And now I feel like I've finally figured it out and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I realized I had over complicated things along the way due to the influence of so many things around me. I never want to look like I have it all together or act like I've made it, but now that I have some insight, I just genuinely want to help people. I want to walk with people during the hard stuff and the struggles. Through the tough questions like, 'What really are my dreams and goals?' 'What does it really mean to chase your dreams?' 'How do I know this is the right path?' 'What happens now that I'm here?' I truly believe this workbook is a practical first step to identifying what God created you for and will help you answer some of these tough questions.

WAU: We know the importance you put on chasing your dreams. In this workbook, you equate dreams with goals, why is that?

MONICA: 'A dream is a goal with a deadline.' No I didn't come up with that one (laughs), Napoleon Hill did, but it's so dang good and true! I think often times we chase and pursue things like our careers, education, hobbies, etc. all based off of what we 'think' we should do. Somewhere along the road to adulthood we forget to go back to the basics of what makes us, well... us. I believe that your passions, desires, dreams, and all those things you just really love are the missing puzzle pieces to your purpose. Your dreams can become your goals when you take the time to really connect the dots. 

WAU: What do you mean by 'connect the dots'? 

MONICA: Well, I guess I say that because I believe that if the things you just really love are within you, they were put there intrinsically by someone. That someone being God. It's not just because you were raised in a environment that encouraged you to love basketball or comedy for example. Of course your family influences you, but there is so much more to that. There are things that you love that your family doesn't. Even more so, there are things growing up that your community or environment liked but you really loved. Think about it. Maybe everyone liked to read, but you constantly had your nose in a book. Then you'd tirelessly write out plays for all the kids in the neighborhood to act out. Sure it was fun, but you probably did it so much that it eventually annoyed everyone else. But for you, you could never get enough. It's those things that I believe are from God and are good things you should really tap into. It's those kind of dots I hope people connect with this workbook to help them see why those passions are tied to their purpose.

WAU: What do you hope people take out of this workbook? 

MONICA: Honestly I just pray that people learn to dream again. I think if you truly follow the plan that you'll begin to discover more than you set out to. AND you'll begin to remember some of those long lost dreams you had for your life! I believe thinking outside the box is the first step to opening up your mind and heart to see how God created you. And from there, with clear dreams (which are goals) you'll be able to go into the new year with a vision of where you not only hope to go, but where God created you to go. I hope everyone really loves it!

To get your free Dream Workbook and guide to identifying your purpose, fill out this form below and we will send it your way! If you have any questions along the way, feel free to email Monica, ( who has offered to help anyone who reaches out!

Photography courtesy of Alexa Ray Studio