We are all on a journey of pursuing full health. Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We don’t know anyone more passionate about this pursuit then our very own Kayla Jones. Kayla is the founder of Soul and Grace- a platform designed to resource you in your pursuit of health. We interviewed her to learn more about what she’s doing and how you too can pursue health alongside us.

WAU: So lets start here, why the name Soul and Grace?

KAYLA: The name Soul and Grace literally comes from God. I had been praying about the name for months, I shared my vision with God and my heart of what I would love for the site to reflect and one day I had a revelation and he gave me Soul and Grace. I am all about taking care of your Soul in every aspect of life, but also having Grace with yourself, because perfection is never the goal.

WAU: Since we’ve known you, you’ve always been so passionate about holistic living. Why is that? 

KAYLA: Yes, my passion for holistic living stems from my own personal health journey. I have been living with Chronic Illness for the past 8 years, and I spent most of that time undiagnosed and extremely frustrated. I spent nearly 6 years going to doctor after doctor, taking medication after medication, dealing with side effects of the medication, and undergoing multiple procedures to look for answers. It wasn't until I started seeing a functional medicine practitioner a couple years ago that I started connecting the dots with my health. From there, I started a plan specific to my bodily needs, took a ton of nutrition courses, and did extensive research on healing your body through food and emotional management. It was extremely liberating finding some long overdue answers, and the process instilled a passion in me for a field I never saw myself working in. Although I am still on my health journey, and it's going to take me awhile for my body to fully heal, I am happy to be walking in the right direction and to have the knowledge to do so affectively. That's just a glimpse into my journey, but I plan on sharing my full health story on the blog later this year.

WAU: What can we expect from you and your site? 

KAYLA: You can expect a ton of posts focused around holistic health and overall lifestyle. I will also began hosting workshops this year which I am super excited about because my ultimate goal is to make this little nook on the internet feel like a real community of people doing life together.

WAU: What do you hope women gain and experience from soul and grace?

KAYLA: I hope that women come to understand that they're not alone. There are so many of us that struggle in silence; whether that is in regards to mental health, fertility issues, chronic illness, eating disorders, or regular everyday life struggles. These struggles are not something that need to be hidden, we don't have to suffer alone. There is so much freedom in sharing your story, and allowing others into your journey to walk alongside these struggles with you. I want Soul and Grace to be a diverse community of women learning together, growing together, and a space to truly find your tribe. You will learn how to take care of your body, eat well, exercise regularly, and hopefully learn about processing your emotions in a healthy way. It's going to be great!

WAU: How can our audience stay connected to you?

I would love to connect with you guys, blow is where you can find me.



Facebook: Soul and Grace Co 

Pinterest: loveeconquers


photography by Afritina Coker