Meet Nicole + Courtney, founders of the Narrow Collective: a blog purposed to expose and expound on merchandise that is cause driven, and changing the world for the betterment of all mankind. We interviewed these gals this week because they are go- getters. Not only do these girls run a non-profit called Reaction Tour, but they recently were inspired to launch their blog, Narrow Collective, which specifically features cause driven fashion, designs and trends. These girls don't just dream, they do, which is a rare things in our generation. We talked to them about all things teamwork, starting something new, and what it means to be apart of the Narrow Collective. 

We Are Unveiled (WAU): We know you guys, but tell our readers briefly about you both, your passions and how you're currently involved in Reaction Tour. 

COURTNEY: It’s not every day that you find a duo that works as well together as Nicole and I do. I can say that we honestly make a great team. We were on the same basketball team for six years where we learned to have the others’ back, work hard as a unit, and respect one another. Sports are what brought us together, moved us apart, and now here we are full circle, back together running a great organization called Reaction Tour. We get to now lead teams into third world countries to put on sports camps for kids, and man, it is an adventure. We are about to do our fourth camp in Uganda at the end of this month and we couldn’t be more excited. Things do look a little different between us now. We’ve been through life and evolved into our own skin. Nicole was my team captain and I am the founder of Reaction Tour. So we've learned what it looks like to really follow one another well. And it's been interesting to see our leadership skills complement each other so well with Narrow Collective.


WAU: What inspired you guys to create this blog, despite your already busy schedules?

NICOLE: To look back at how Narrow Collective came about is pretty unreal; it all fell together so quickly. It started when Courtney and I were looking for a cause driven blog to feature some of Reaction Tour’s product. We have great shirts that do so much good and simply wanted people to know about it. We did come across a few things, but we weren’t ecstatic in what we found, so we decided to give it a whirl ourselves. Our search ended up naturally being research for our blog and gave us the inspiration for Narrow Collective. So we created a platform for companies to share their merchandise that make the world a better place. And consequently generates a great hub for the conscious shoppers. 

WAU: Why are you only featuring socially conscious goods? 

COURTNEY: There is so much good happening in the world that is overlooked. Sometimes people feel like they need to sell all they have, move to Ethiopia or Peru for example and live in a hut in order to make a difference in the world, but that is so untrue. Not to say that it isn't necessary, but it's not the only way to make a difference. We live in a day and age where there are actually tons of amazing companies that have figured out the perfect way to help a cause, city, or people. The problem is that so many of us don’t know about them- and all we have to do is purchase a good to be apart of their mission. Knowing that is what propelled the drive for us to really go all out with Narrow Collective. We’ve done both, traveled overseas on mission and purchased socially conscious goods We realized that we share about the products we purchased for a cause in the same way we shared about our experience overseas and ultimately found is that they are both equally as rewarding. Ultimately is was our personal experience and heart for socially good products that inspired us to only feature goods that give back.

WAU: What do you hope people gain from visiting the Narrow Collective?

NICOLE: Our biggest hope with Narrow Collective is to expose these great companies and help people realize that it is so easy to “give back.” If you’re needing a new bag, buy one that is providing jobs in Ethiopia. If you want the newest boot style, buy a pair made in Peru and help the local economy. And don’t forget about the issues in our own backyard here in The States that need to be resolved- there’s companies for that too. These purchases can actually make a difference, that’s the beauty of it. I saw online once that nine out of ten millennials will switch brands for an equivalent product or price, which they perceive has greater social impact. This is exactly what we want to support and propel. If you think about it, even the most non-religious businesses have philanthropy outlets now. It’s something that is expected in a businesses around the world, nonprofit or not. Ultimately, we hope to be part of this mission through our blog.

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