When do you talk to the Lord? So many people are yearning to hear the voice of the Father, thinking he isn't there talking to them, believing he's some far off guy up in the sky. Where all along it’s been us who have been shutting His Spirit out, though not deliberately.

I think that when you are in relationship with the trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit), day dreaming is a way of communicating with the Lord, even if your day dreaming isn’t “religious”. I think in most circumstances it's the father communicating to us.

My husband and I have both been day dreamers for as long as we can remember. Now that we're in our 30’s it's easy to say, “Ok stop! Your officially grown up! This whole day dreaming thing that we've been told since childhood is childish and pointless- is actually pointless.” It can be easy to shut down your day dreaming and go through life being someone the world expects. But what if that day dreaming was what I think it is? What if the Holy Spirit is the one who gives us those random visions of instructing yoga on a beach or inventing something new?

I want to inspire you to chase after your dreams, both big & small. Here is a true story that ignited my dream life:

When I was 22 I was in my senior year of college. My husband and I had been married a few months and we were living off part-time minimum wage jobs and both finishing school. We had no savings and lived off of love. 

I remember driving past an old gas station in our downtown historic district that was rundown and vacant. In a blink of an eye, I saw a picture (what some may call a vision or a day dream) in my head while I glanced at it. The picture wasn't just an idea, it was an idea that God had breathed on. In that second it came to life in my very being... As fast as I could while driving I grabbed a scratch piece of paper and a pen and drew out exactly what I had seen that old gas station develop into. I am far from an artist and to be quite honest it looked like a second grader drew it but that's not what mattered. What mattered was what I saw and me getting it onto paper. 

That night when I met up with my husband I showed him the picture and told him what I saw. I was very embarrassed and insecure about it; I felt like a little kid showing somebody their cute little picture they drew. Then I left it alone for a while, crumpled up in my purse. 

About a year went by before I saw it again when, one Sunday morning, I chose that same purse to take to church with me. When I was at church there was a special speaker who happened to be a prophet of God. He was highly respected and known through out the world. His sermon was about the desires of our heart and he said that he saw someone in our church that had drawn out a funny scribbled out picture and it almost looked like a kindergartner had done it. He said “Whoever you are, God wants you to hold onto that dream that you scribbled down. It is not silly, even though you don't see it happening. God sees that picture and loves it!" 

Once I heard him, not only did my stomach drop but I reached into the purse and pulled out that drawing that was crumpled up. The paper smelled like perfume and had gum stuck to it! I showed my husband, who was sitting next to me, and he was very surprised and weirded out at the same time and, to be honest, so was I!

The vision I saw for that building was a clothing boutique. I saw the paint color, the sale racks, even the lemonade for customers inside; everything was so clear! But it was far from possible. Quite a bit of cash was needed to get it going and we needed more experience, or at least that's what we thought. After A LOT of work and trust, that dream came to life physically.

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It wasn't just a clothing store, God had higher kingdom plans for it. That little store brought Him glory; when people came into it they would say “I don't know what it is about this place but I feel something so peaceful in the atmosphere”. They would come back to just be in it! We were able to bless our community, help orphanages around the world, and pray for many strangers who needed healing or just needed a pep talk. The store blessed my family financially, and to sum it all up, the location was in the historic district, in a renovated automotive shop! COME ON!

Now, my hubby and I have dream journals and idea journals where we talk about our day dreams, jot them down, and scribble the pictures onto paper.

At this season in my life, I am in the midst of one of the day dreams the Lord gave me years ago. It's one that even I laugh at because it seems impossible. But that's who our God is, he likes to show up and make his way known. He loves reminding us that all things are possible! He's just looking for people who will day dream with him.

I encourage you, wherever you are, rich or poor, young or old, ask the Holy Spirit to take over your day dreaming. And when you do that, trust that he will and he will show you great things. He's a GOOD daddy and he wants to make all your wildest dreams come to life!

With love,

Rachel // @rachelbolles

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Everything about what Rachel said above is the heart beat of We Are Unveiled, but more importantly it's the heart beat of God. He created all of us as creative individuals  

Maybe you are in a season where you have been so busy that you have lost sight of your dreams or maybe you have stopped dreaming completely. Satan wants to do everything in his might to stop you from dreaming and keep you from walking out in the unique, creative gifting God has blessed YOU (and only you) with. Whether that be by fear, comparison, lies, a busy schedule - he hates it when we dream big God-sized dreams. But guess what - he done and we are here to help you take the first steps in dreaming again (or for the first time). 

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Dream big friends!

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