We are so excited to announce our newest partnership with Fight For Joy events + design (FFJ). For the next three months, we have teamed up with FFJ and their &ME Campaign featuring these amazing shirts! 10% of all proceeds from the sale of these items will go toward WAU and capturing our second full-length testimony. We are SO humbled to partner with FFJ but even more excited to see all of you in our community, sport your shirt and your story for the kingdom. Check out our blog with Kellee + Dave below to learn more about FFJ and how to get your shirt!

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WAU: So Tell us what is FFJ? How did it all start?

Kellee: Fight For Joy is an event + design company based in Dallas. We are a husband and wife creative team offering event management, decor consultation, and branding services.  We focus primarily on weddings, but handle other social events as well.

I’ve been in the wedding and event industry for about three years as a planner. Dave is a graphic design artist by trade. We struggled in our first year of marriage to get on mission together. I was in the process of rebranding and thought a name change would be fitting. The words “fight for joy” came to mind. I asked Dave his opinion and if he’d want to bring his talents to the table. He was all in and in a matter of weeks we rebranded, built a website, and restructured our offerings to launch on January 1st of this year. 

Fun Fact: Dave asked for my hand in marriage with the question “Will you fight for joy with me?”

WAU:  We think that is so inspirational and love that you two are on mission together. So, what inspired the &ME shirt?

Kellee: I was online and came across a shirt with the names of some popular music icons listed. I’d seen similar designs before, but for whatever reason I lingered on this one a little longer. The concept was great! These were female artists I loved, but I couldn’t fully identify with them. I let the thought pass. A few days later I recalled a study I‘d gone through about women of the Bible. The names of Esther, Hannah, Ruth, and Mary stuck out to me. I went back to read their stories — these were ordinary women used by an extraordinary God to do great things, both big and small for His Kingdom. I could identify with them. Other women could see themselves in these heroines of the Word.

I brought the design idea to Dave and he posed the question, “What if you added &ME?” What if the wearer of this shirt were a part of the story too? It clicked! I can’t add my name to a list of pop music icons (no matter how much shower singing I do!) but I am included in the story of Christ. I am a daughter of the King ­ saved by grace and redeemed by His love.

WAU: And we absolutely love it. We all have a story to tell and adding &ME really highlights that. What do you hope people take away from their experience with FFJ? 

Dave: We really have one simple hope — we want to create a culture of fighting for joy in the Lord, in marriage, and for the benefit of others.

WAU: We love that you all believe in fighting for joy for those around you. How does the &ME Campaign and shirt play into that?

Kellee: We knew we wanted a part of the work we do to be philanthropic in nature; we want giving to play a big role in how we live our lives. The Giving Shop was birthed from that desire. We hadn’t determined a mission or cause we wanted to support when we created the shirts. I’d been following We Are Unveiled for a while and loved what they were all about, but was too nervous to reach out. A couple days after we launched the shirts, a friend from church tagged WAU on our Instagram post encouraging us to connect! Ok, God! I hear you! A couple direct messages and an email or two later, I was sitting at the table with Monica listening to her heart for WAU and dreaming up a partnership to aid in their mission. Our hope is as we create more products we will be able to support missionaries, nonprofits, and other organizations that are finding innovative ways to be light in darkness and bearers of good news to the world.

WAU: What are you most excited about in this partnership with WAU?

Dave: We did the photo shoot in Dallas and it was such a pleasure to see women of so many backgrounds coming together around the idea of story. We all have stories worth telling and just hearing (... and eavesdropping) conversations about upbringings, dreams, and where God has these women now was exactly what we wanted to happen. We want women to tell their &ME story, helping other women to know that we are all on a faith journey and Jesus is weaving our stories together. We want women to wear a shirt that immediately identifies them as women in a lineage of faith.

WAU: We are so excited about this partnership + the opportunity for women to share their story by just wearing an amazing shirt. For more info on how to give back by purchasing this shirt, visit the link below!

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