Today is a day for Celebration!

Honest moment: I'm definitely not a party person but you better believe I'm celebrating today!

God died and rose again for us! His love for you drove Him to action. He couldn't sit on the sidelines and leave us permanently separated from Him. He willingly died for you. 

I always read sentences like that and nod along because I know that truth intellectually but there are times when I forget to really take in and experience it. 

If you're anything like me and forget about God's love for you (not for all of humanity but for you reading this right now), today is the day to remember. Today is the day to celebrate and make a big deal about it. God loves YOU! He loves you so much that He did something to ensure that you could be with Him forever! 

No matter who you're with today or how you like to celebrate, spend some time thanking God for His son. Celebrate Him in your own way. Enjoy dinner with friends, throw a party with family, write a letter thanking God, sing a song to the Lord, paint something beautiful, spend some time in nature, or some other joyful, worshipful, gratitude-filled activity.  

Let's party it up because the One who loves us more than anyone and anything else got back up!