When we’re younger, protection and shelter are things we either know and experience or we don’t. When we feel safe, we know it. When we don’t, fear, doubt, and insecurity creep in, no matter our age.

Seeing God as our Protector can be difficult–especially if our view of what a protector is becomes skewed from life experiences. And, if you find yourself in this boat, I get it, it’s something I’ve struggled with for over 29 years but, my friends, it doesn’t have to be this way.

God has made a way for us to see Him as our safe-haven, our shelter, our covering, and most of all–the one who fights for us and wins every time. Though we all experience pain and hurt, it doesn’t mean that God isn’t still protecting us along the way.

As we chat through what it looks like to see God as our Protector, I challenge you to open your eyes and heart to not see God through the lens of your past or your pain, but see him willing and able to heal every wound and show you just how protected and covered you can be in Him.
As you watch the video, I’m praying that the Holy Spirit will gently sweep in and remove your past perceptions of God and insert a new perspective: God is your Protector.

On the journey with you friends,



Jessica Pittman

Jessica is one of the original co-founders of WE Are Unveiled. She currently is a growing leader in the marketplace and it is her life mission to live her life to bring Jesus everywhere she goes.