Mankind is varied, different, and set apart. Each person is unique and created for a purpose. But every one of us, regardless of gender, race, upbringing, socio-economic status, vocation, location, or education has experienced one thing: separation. 

The Heart of Man is a movie that reminds us of the love of God through the use of story. We see the heart of the Father portrayed on the big screen with breathtaking images. While that beautiful narrative is playing, we also hear from people about their own redemption story. We hear their fall, their dance with sin, and ultimately, God’s redemption. 

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Here are a few reasons why you should experience this film: 

Because it’s not just for men. 

Some might think this film is just for men, but having seen the film as a leader of a women’s ministry, I can confidently say that this film is equally for women and men. The stories shared in this film are, yes, predominately male driven, but are relatable to all genders. Each story told, including the main character's, holds a piece of our own stories and journeys.

The characters share their own unique stories in such a way that it truly connects to the heart of all people. It goes past the sin issues and real struggles we face and points to the heart, the root of what causes us to fall into these patterns and unhealthy habits. It speaks to the heart issue beyond what is outwardly expressed as a result of that root problem. As a woman, I felt a true connection to the film, and even felt more connected to men after watching each story unfold. It’s rare to see a man be so vulnerable about his sin, his struggle, and his pursuit of God in the midst of that.

Listening to each story opened my eyes to the real struggles men today face and what their internal process and pursuit of freedom looks like. It gave me more grace for all people and perspective to love them well as we all are continually growing into the image of Jesus.


Because it offers perspective

The stories shared in this movie center on sexual promiscuity and adultery, sins that many women in the Christian community also struggle with, yet feel a specific type of shame attached to it it. While many of these stories are told by men, hearing brothers in Christ be so vulnerable about the dangers of straying from God can be freeing.

This movie is an opportunity for women to see the struggle of adultery from a place of empathy and compassion as sisters, instead of seeing men as enemies who are “always bound to hurt us”. It's a beautiful reminder that, at the end of the day, Christian men are our brothers in Christ and our desire should always be to push them closer to the Father who is passionately pursuing us.

The Heart of Man truly offers great perspective about what it means to love God and yet be trapped and bound by the very real presence of the flesh, and how it affects not only you but everyone around you. That is a message everyone needs to hear; not just men.


Because it offers insight into the Father’s pursuit in a broken world

The Heart of Man takes the shame we all hide and bury, the brokenness of sin that lurks in our everyday lives, and brings it into the light. It is a very vulnerable process, but in bringing light to these dark areas, we really catch a glimpse into how we are pursued by our Maker despite the pain we carry. With each individual's story, through infidelity, porn addiction, abuse, etc., we get to hear more than just the bullet points across the timeline. We witness the storyline progress and the emotion through every battle and every victory, every saving moment and every little bit of redemption. It is eye opening and a very relatable process for most. I think the transparency of these individuals shifts the perspective on what it is to walk through trials. In this life, we do not walk alone. We are never left alone. He walks alongside us, behind us and always in front guiding us. We are pursued in every season.

The Heart of Man reminds us that nothing can outweigh the Father’s pursuit for us. No addiction, no mistake, makes God put us on the back burner.