Relationships aren’t always easy but they, without a doubt, make our lives better. 

In Genesis God said “it’s not good for man to be alone”, which is often thought about in the context of a marital relationship, but what if we reframed that verse? What if God was saying something about mankind as a whole, instead of just the fact that he made men and women differently? What if this simple verse is the first mention of the necessity of community? 

When I read that verse it always resonates me. I have to remind myself often that it’s not good for me to be alone. 

When I’m alone I get depressed. 
When I'm alone I go to a dark place. 
When I'm alone my mind wanders easily to unhealthy places. 
When I'm alone I get mean, fearful, and worried. 
When I'm alone I turn to myself instead of relying wholly upon the Lord. 

But, when I begin to go to that dark and twisty place, I can always return to community. 

I return to my community of fully-devoted followers of Christ, who shower me with hope and encouragement. These are the ones who will give me a piece of their minds and will call me out when they need to. They’re the ones who will welcome me back when I’ve strayed and forgive me when I screw up. 

At We Are Unveiled we know the importance of community - we have a tight community of our own. 

We laugh together. 
We cry together. 
We party together. 
We mourn together. 
We spur each other on. 
We correct each other. 
We love each other as best we can. 

We’re not perfect, we’re still figuring this thing out, but we support each other throughout the process. 

Do you have a community like this? Do you have a tribe that sticks with you through thick and thin? Do you have a group of people who are always in your corner?

I encourage you to reach out to your tribe, your people, your community today and thank them for just being them. 

If you’re interested in learning more about community and leading women to deepen their relationships with Christ, check out our Ambassador program. For six months we will be encouraging you, mentoring you, and giving you resources along the way as you create safe spaces for women to remove the veil and embrace their true identities in Christ. 

About the Author


Sarah is part of We are Unveiled's teaching team. She loves sharing about life and faith and is thankful for the opportunity to do that through her writing. She is passionate about story and enjoys learning about people's journeys of hope and healing. She believes every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story is worthy of being shared.