Hi, my name is Sethlina. I am a 31 year old mother of two toddlers and wife to the most amazing man. My story is that I was once lost and God delivered me from death. Even though I grew up in a home of two loving, supportive, God-fearing parents, I still found a way to make horrible decisions. I was raped at the age of 16 but I labeled it “consensual” because, although I said “no”, I didn’t think I had fought enough for it to be called “rape”. From that point on, I became promiscuous and found myself in several abusive relationships with abortions and miscarriages in between. I drank and partied a lot, finding my identity in the attention of men.

I eventually became homeless, sleeping in my car and on friends’ couches. At this point I was growing tired of using sex and alcohol to numb the pain and knew I had to change. So, while I was throwing up in the House of Blues bathroom in Cleveland, Ohio, I decided to turn my life around.

After my father died, my mother and I decided to move to Dallas, Texas, giving me time and opportunity for Jesus to speak to me without the noise of my former life. I started blogging about my story, not really thinking anybody would read it, I just wanted to share. But people did read it! So many women from all over the world started emailing me about how they too were promiscuous or in an abusive relationship or suicidal.

I was shocked my the response! I know God turned the ashes of my life into beauty to help others heal and return to the One who loved them first. I have kept blogging and sharing my story and have founded a ministry called True Grace, Love Lina where I mentor women about finding purpose and identity in Christ. My dream is to mentor and inspire young women on what God really wanted romantic relationships, marriage, and friendships to look like.

I recently quit my job because of a strong desire to stay at home with my children and work on True Grace full time. It’s a super scary feeling not knowing how this will all pan out, but I know God has a purpose and that I need to wait a little while before I will see it fully come to pass. I'm moving forward with no real direction, but it's forcing me to listen to the Holy Spirit in a way I never have before. There are difficult moments, but it’s infinitely rewarding knowing that I am honoring God and He is with me every step of the way as I allow Him to work through my story and help others heal.