I have had some incredible experiences in my life: I’ve traveled to different countries, met some amazing people, and had some awesome adventures. But none of these things makes me feel as fulfilled and excited as my relationship with God!

I’ve had some people mock me for my faith because I am so blessed. There have been those who have commented that I believe in God because nothing bad has ever happened to me. Some people have mistakenly thought my life was perfect, but what is perfection, anyway?

What people don’t know is that daily I choose to be happy. I make the choice to live with a positive mindset. I choose gratitude over selfishness, love over anger, and peace over chaos.

My journey to this place of healing and hope and happiness hasn’t been an easy one. Growing up my parents had a difficult marriage and I was often caught in the crossfire of their disagreements. When I was 21, my mother died in my arms. Then, a few years ago, my dad had a stroke while holding my hand, which led to many holidays and birthdays in the hospital with him. Even today, he still can’t speak or walk properly and there are times when he doesn’t even recognize me. I know what it’s like to be cheated on, lied about, and dragged through a divorce.  

I spent years on this roller coaster of unbelievable pain and heartbreak.

I’ve made bad choices and suffered massive consequences.
I’ve lost an ex-boyfriend and friends through death.
I’ve experienced financial issues.
I’ve suffered from depression, anxiety, and the stress of being single mom.

My life is NOT perfect, but my God is and every single day I choose to lean on him. I choose faith over fear, I choose to be strong even when I feel weak, and I choose positivity even when I can’t see the silver lining. I choose to accept the things I can’t control and choose to forgive those who’ve hurt me. More importantly, I forgive myself for my past wrongs, so I can be free. I often remind myself that I am loved by a mighty God and nothing and no one can come between us.

I have a wonderful life - I am blessed to be surrounded by the best people and I have a crazy beautiful child who I love immensely. Every experience, whether good or bad or somewhere in between, has led me to this very moment. And I’m so grateful for each one.

Life is hard but it’s also pretty amazing. When I’m going through the fire, when things are rough, I know who my God is and I know that I can trust him. During hard moments he so sweetly reminds me of Psalm 66:12:

 “God will bring you through the fire”

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