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Please answer the below questions as honestly as you can *
Please answer the below questions as honestly as you can
I enjoy opening up my home and hosting people, especially getting my home ready.
As a leader I feel like it's more important to stay on track and our plan vs. going off topic when things come up.
I am very detailed oriented and love crossing things off my check list.
When it comes to the word of God I would say that my understanding of it is very strong.
When facing a situation with a friend or mentee, I feel it is my responsibility to help fix the situation.
In order to get people to open up, it's important that I lead by example and open up first.
I am a self starter.
In times of conflict with a friend, I feel like it's more important for me to communicate my perspective and point of view first and then understanding the other person's perspective.
I currently spend regular time in the word and with the Lord.
Leadership to me is all about putting myself last and making sure others feel seen known and understood.
When I walk into a party or social event, I feel completely comfortable with meeting new people.
I easily pick up on the emotions and feelings of other people.
I usually go with my gut and instinct on things when making a decision.
I enjoy working alone.
The opinions of other people do not affect me.
I find myself playing the comparison game more than I should.
The Word of God is ultimate truth and I am educated on where the Bible stands in light of our current political and cultural climate.